Chef Cheryl Schaefer was raised in Wilton, New Hampshire. As an adult she began an adventurous life, moving a lot, to states far and near. For nearly 25 years, she traveled to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Australia and 47 US States. Each time she traveled, she tasted and reveled in the unique flavors of each place visited. Oftentimes, she brought an empty suitcase just to bring home foods she wished to make again at home. She relished in the unique flavors she tasted, like Green Chiles from New Mexico and German Red Cabbage from Minnesota. Cheryl found her calling to share these fantastic flavors with the people she loves.


A dedicated foodie, Cheryl pursued her dream and became a chef so she could feed people and allow them to share the yummy tastes she found in these regional flavors.

     Desiring to relocate back to New England to get back to her family and her roots, Chef Cheryl moved back to New Hampshire. With her business experience, culinary education and her love of food, she opened ROAM to serve the people of New Hampshire all the delicious flavors she had come to know and love. 



 Sit back, and enjoy the tastes of

Chef Cheryl's travels & come

ROAM around with us.

Restaurant Hours

Tuesday - Sunday

6 AM - 2 PM

Breakfast and Lunch


Thursday - Saturday

5 PM - 9 PM



Please call (603) 654-3455 if you have any questions.

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